Friday, October 07, 2005


Hi, Frank!


It must be nice to have so much bank and free time that you can command whoever the damn world-renowned figurehead you want to come over and play Lincoln Logs with you.

Myself, I'm considering taking up ship-building-in-a-bottle. Who is the master of this? Will he come over to my house? I offer hours of stimulating conversation, and perhaps a cheese plate.


cuff said...

Gehry won't admit it but he came up with the inspiration for these sheets of steel etc. while TPing houses as a youngster.

Kriston said...

@#&^#%^! I really can't stand F. Gehry.

The Governess said...

honestly? I know very little about him, othe rthen being able to point and say "that building is by Frank Gehry." The end.

I feel like I'm better off being ignorant.