Monday, October 24, 2005

guns in the sky, explosions


1. Explosions in the Sky re-release MP3.

2. Admit it - you've missed the Christian Movie Reviews. I would urge other Christian bowlers to stay away from "The Big Lebowski"-- Heather, age 21

3. I have completely finished the entire "Firefly" DVD, plus commentary. I'm ready for my comet now, Super Friends.

4. You can food anything if you eat it.

5. Another MP3, from the Black Sheep Boy Appendix: No Key - No Plan.

6. Happy Tuesday!

- - -

UPDATE: I'm having an IM conversation w/ K. right now- do you think if your name is "Evangeline" you are destined to be a total goddess? I mean, I've known two other Evangeline's in my life, one of whom was a grandma (rest in peace, she may have been a handsome woman in her day, but I'll never know) and the other of whom was a drama major, big into D&D and talking to herself, as I recall. Maybe it's the last name "Lilly." That can't be her real name, dude. Five dollars says she was born Jen Smith. And I bet she's nice. Bitch.


cuff said...

Thank you so much for the link to the Christian movie reviews. What a hoot. And the Big Lebowski is my favorite movie to boot.

Ethan Wiggum said...

I love that "Casper" is deemed more objectionable than "Collateral."

And I've only known one Evangeline, and she was ugly and sanctimonious.

tom said...

"I knew my Savior was dissappointed in me for watching such filth..."

Excellent. Haven't any of these self-professed Coen fans seen their first movie?

Phil said...

Blasphemers...Big Lebowski is an excellent movie.