Tuesday, October 18, 2005

d'Nabobashaw Jones

While the G was dorking it up this past weekend, I participated in the footballest two days of all time. It's Octobery enough to wear a long sleeve t-shirt when you play but not so cold the ball hurts your hands. Perfect.

Let's touch...

1. The USC-ND-PSU-M-MN-Wisc finishes, AWESOMO!. To a lesser extent, the FSU-UVA game. Great game and all, but I could have done less with the power outages and production delays. Worst player on the field for the Cav's based on play: Deyon Williams. Best player on the field based on birth certificate: D'Brickashaw Ferguson. Worst fans on the field based on ability to trample classmates and inability to remove goal posts: Wahoos. I don't care if they did put in some of those new fangled indestructible goal posts. Bet those engineer humps down at the Polytechnic Institute could have figured a way to bring 'em down. Best throw of the day: the Nabob.

It may have taken several thousand tries, but I eventually threw a football 35 yards into that trashcan. And I won $25 for my efforts from the other tailgaters who tried. Am I bragging? Yes. But a former, to remain un-named, FSU quarterback who also happened to be playing along failed like Warrick Dunn trying to cross the goal line in '95.

2. I'll always be a fan, but I realized yesterday that my passion for the Redskins has dwindled to null set. My first grounding came when my parents overheard me cursing a touchdown against the 'Skins years ago as a wee N'bob. There's a patch of turf that I ripped from the field after the last game at RFK growing in those same parents' back yard. One of our largest arguments came after I refused to go house shopping with the G on Sundays between 1 and 4. But yesterday there was nothing. The KC game was not the Event, just one of three games on Sunday afternoon. Thanks, Danny.

2b. Is this true? Oh, LaVar. Though, it did make me notice that my credit card contains three sequential 6s this morning. YOU LOSE WAMU! I don't care how long your pledge drive goes on. You don't want my cursed money and I don't want your crappy travel mug.

3. On my way to a flag football game on Sunday I got a $25 ticket for an illegal right turn. So long former FSU QB money. I also chastised my friends for lacking the discipline to successfully play a zone defense. I then promptly attempted to return 4th down interception out of the end zone, instead on knocking it down. I was tackled on the one and the bad field position haunted us throughout the rest of the game. Come on, Nabob, fundamentals. I suck.

4. Alright, G, you win. This entry is pretty lame.

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The Governess said...

You need to caption this photo as "SS Failed Attempt."