Thursday, June 12, 2008

Virginia is doing what now?

I almost don’t want to do this. But we’re so bewildered by this flier we got in the mail yesterday that we felt the discussion need to expand beyond of our living room.

I think there’s a double negative in there if you count the red cross. There’s a tacked on adverb of approximation. And I’m not sure what the heart is actually “hearting.”

The rest of the flier shows that its senders are attempting to have a certain insensitive word removed from Virginia’s State Code. Unfortunately, the outward design does not convey that message and the inside is equally hard to interpret.

There’s a word that describes how confusing it is. Ironically, though, I can’t think of it.

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Anonymous said...

"Virginia is not not Retarded heart sign anymore almost"

[Sic] semper tyrannis, hobags.