Wednesday, June 04, 2008

girlsrockdc dot org

If you are looking for a really awesome volunteer opportunity, may i suggest. If not for a potential serious calendar conflict, I'd volunteer myself (not to teach, because I have no musical skill, but to like: handle the registration desk or make snacks one day or something.) I may contact about the street team/PR. Anyhoodles, this PIAB fully approves.

Another serious question: does Metro-are LARPING allow people to simply attend and watch? I am really into this idea. S. and I just spent 20 minutes going through the online Darkon gallery to decide which country we'd be a part of if we decided to participate. Mordom probably. Although Aqulonia looks scrappy & has a dog, Elidor has badass armor, and one country has a mascot of a polar bear wearing rapper bling, so I could get into that as well.

Dead serious, pls let me know. There's an upcoming battle in Burtonsville.

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