Friday, June 06, 2008

fake pretend.

So, as everyone on my twitter already knows (MGOD, DOUCHIEST INTERNET STATEMENT OF THE YEAR?!?!?!??!??!?!?!?!?! yes.) I somehow forgot my car in DC last night and then left my house all ready for work this morning and like, fake-pretended to open a fake-pretend car door in the air. This entire thing would be a lot funnier if I weren't sober. So I took public transportation into the city this morning. It took a long time, and made me really really cranky. Public transportation < magic of automobiles. It's the American way, Avent.

In other news:

- you can find me @ Iota tonight. That's in Virginia. Try driving your car there.

- how bout them Nats eh. Elijah Dukes can hit at least two baseballs, judging from last night. Things are looking up!

- on every music blog I read today: Adam Franklin (Swervedriver!) covers "Shine a Light" (Wolf Parade!) and it ends up sounding a lot like.... Bright Eyes. Or something. So..... there's that. Joseph Arthur's "Second Sight" is pretty good though, besides the weird (is that rap???) background noise. (I think it's on stereogum.)

- If you haven't seen me recently, my hair? Now you know.

- my brother is moving to chicago soonish. If you have good volunteer opportunities for Karma's Biggest Ass Kisser, send it my way. His VA Big Brothers/Big Sisters-Little League Coach of the Year-shelterer of homeless hippies-etc. card probably doesn't transfer to Illinois.

off to fake-pretend work the rest of my friday afternoon. enjoy the killer heat wave tomorrow.

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