Friday, June 20, 2008

"Song that comes out on the dances?"

So school's out, I guess. I know this only because my inlaw's (we're squatting for the week) neighbors had a most kickass graduation party for their... middle schooler... in their backyard. Which included a wacky DJ/emcee. Who played the world's worst music over loudspeakers for three straight hours and kept demanding LADIES it's LADIES CHOICE PICK A PARTNER. Who sways with a partner to DJ Casper? I tried to peer over the fence once or twice to see what I assumed would be typical gender-segregated awkwardness (boys punching each other in the crotch by the soda table, girls huddled in giggling/whispering/crying small groups) but I couldn't tell. Besides, kids these days. Maybe they were all getting busy in the potting shed by 9:15 and I am just old and lame.

Also, oh jesus god.

Oh! Also also! We were recently in a room with Brit friends trying to explain "The Three Stooges". Harder than you'd think?


Tom said...

"It's like Benny Hill, but not as stupid"

Anonymous said...

Are you sure it was actually DJ Casper playing? Or did Nabob, Sr. leave a radio playing in the attic again?