Wednesday, June 04, 2008

It's like God waited until we got our free government stimulus money before delivering the rapture. On our heads.

Hi. Did we mention that our lives are a complete disaster?

There’s a good chance our house will have

A) blown away
B) a tree through the roof
C) mold growing on every surface
D) had the back half fallen into a sinkhole

when we get home tonight. If we get home.

The mold thing probably hasn’t happened yet. But since we found a large, wet crack in the wall this morning and water in the basement, two of the others are distinct possibilities.

Also, the tree in our front yard is bigger than this one I saw in Falls Church today and that place got seriously hammered. The dog probably got spooked by the thunder and ran away through the hole. But he won’t get far since he’s developed a limp for some reason.

The only positive thing about this whole day is that I don’t take the Orange Line anymore. When will people learn that public transportation does not work?


ryan said...

Force Majeure.

Plus, nobody got killed riding Metro.

the Nabob said...


and I'll show you a Force Majeure.