Tuesday, May 27, 2008

"who likes brisket? those are the crackers that taste like chicken noodle soup, right?"

things learned this memorial day:

1. Most of my highly educated friendssociates can barely speak proper english. especially when overzealously playing board games that involve charades.

2. Repetition? funny to.... well, most of us anyway. I always thought i was the master of killing a joke, then digging it up to kill it all over again. Overuse is king. I am honored to be connected with a group of people who have similar tendencies. Mattos and I heartily laughed at a single statement every time it was said aloud. It was said aloud 975 times on Monday alone.

3. When I die, I'm going to Pigman's barbeque to haunt it. And eat.

4. My performance name: Two Cent Jefferson. (DJ Pancake Jones will spin.)

5. My dog is cute, if kind of a jerk.

6. 2 AM bacon? Best snack food idea ever.

7. Don't forget to use sunblock UP TO AND UNDER the seams of your bathing costume. This will prevent burnt underarms, etc.

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Blogs t r e t c h said...

And now I laughed out loud while reading your allusion to the repetition. It's funny. It is.