Friday, May 23, 2008

No mention of that kid who plays in a 80's cover and “invented” that 3 story bong

I thought it quaint that my high school has created a Hall of Fame to recognize the accomplishment of the 40+ years of graduates. But looking over the list of this year’s seven inductees, I have to admit that few of names on there are pretty impressive. There’s a CEO, TV personality, classical music artist, a writer and poet. Previous lists have included more TV personalities and a Senator or two.

And for whatever reason, NPR even mentioned it this morning during their 8:30 station break. Not during the local spots, mind you, because those are reserved for DC Tax office fraud stories and Alcopops. But the real deal Morning Edition. I guess the school has a better PR machine than I assumed.

The only reason I new this Hall of Fame existed is because I got an email form an alumni association that I didn’t know existed. I’m guessing that they go my address from the stay-at-home mother of 50 that ran our reunion. Fair enough. I all also guess that this massive list of former students is compiled of the email addresses of the 1000’s of other students that graduated from my average public high school.

This guess is based on the fact that the morning after I received the original email, I received 137 automated “out of office” replies. Goolge CEO Eric Schmidt (Class of 72) was not one of them.

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