Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I’m sure this proves something about some study.

Tuesday was a beautiful night for a ballgame. And while my initial impressions of the new stadium were mostly positive, I’ve developed a criticism after several visits: the scoreboard is too cluttered. Lose the batting order of the team on defense and open it up for more immediate stats about the player at bat and pitcher.


The G tried to persuade me that last night was this month’s full moon. I disagreed. But, amazingly, she was right.

Unfortunately for her, she lost all credibility when she cobbled this sentence together to defend her argument. Claiming that she had heard the full moon was around May 20th she said, in its exactness,

“It just was also or soon to be recently.”

English majors? Diagram that.

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DC said...

Full moons are known to cause grammatical errors often!