Thursday, May 15, 2008

Casey struck out, btw.

- stream TPC.
- best: i have not read any of these.
- I think my favorite might be Sharpton. God, that makes me laugh.

- - -

The N: Crossword clue: "What there is in Mudville."
The G: Wait. I know this one. There is no...... there is noooooo...... fuck.
The N: Wrong.
The G: There is no..... WHY CAN'T I THINK OF THIS.
The N: We'll start simple - What's "Mudville" from?
The G: I can't remember. I couldn't remember the word "key" today. I said "little stick thingy that unlocks other things." Why must you torment me so? Just tell me. My brain is liquified.
The N: Make one guess.
The G: There are no.... trolls? In Mudville?
The N: Exactly. There are no trolls in Mudville.
The G: There was no..... Christmas in Mudville.
The N: God.

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