Wednesday, May 07, 2008

But i can get some good chicken schwarma across the street

I’ve seen much acclaim for Iron Man but so far there hasn’t been any praise for Robert Downey Jr’s mustache. I don’t mean the style of his facial hair in its entirety (which was rather absurd when you really stopped to look at it) but the mustache itself. It’s damn near perfect.

It’s trim enough to be practically one dimensional. And it lacks the pronounced under-nose seem that dooms most non-walrus ‘staches. And it’s not like Downey has a weak philtrum that would lend itself to smoothness.

It may have been the most impressive thing about the movie.


On the negative side, and this may lead to permanent ban from the District, but the charm of seeing a movie at the Uptown no longer holds me. The seats are small, its always too hot or cold and the argument for seeing a blockbuster action movie on a giant theatre seems old-fashioned in this iTouch world. And when the compromise for the luxury of an oversized and curved screen is a Terrance Howard’s handsome yet distortedly squat head, it’s not worth it.

And in terms of bad Uptown experiences, the cherry on top…

jw: the worst is when we went to see the re-release of Alien
right after the chestburster scene
all of a sudden there were mice or rats scurrying around in the row behind us
me: the studio paid extra for that effect
jw: it was like we were right there on the spaceship

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