Tuesday, September 30, 2008

a step in time, duh duh duh duhh

Sequestered in the house, tuesday edition:

This ad is on every single daytime tv commercial break, and I am confused by it EVERY TIME it airs. It's the "apply directly to the forehead" of late 08. The chimney dude looks vaguely International Male.

Also, Clue!


the Nabob said...

I would have said that the motion he makes with sweep at the end indicates that he’s going to molest those three girls.

But the Jesus fish during the credits throws me off.

Tom said...

That commercial really does have everything going for it:

- catchy tunes? CHECK
- sexy teens? CHECK
- potentially Cockney chimneysweep? CHECK
- secret Christian Jesusfish? CHECK

Also, yes, Clue. I recently discovered that someone had never seen Clue. Ficke, maybe. Whoever it was, it's outrageous.

Tom said...

Also, true fact: Sommer has been saying she needs to have her chimney swept. We've already mined this utterance for as much sexual innuendo as it seems likely to give up, but this commercial opens up numerous new possibilities.

Matt F said...

Of course I've seen Clue. I think I was a party to the conversation in which we lamented that someone hadn't seen it. Can't remember who, though.