Wednesday, September 10, 2008

the best the city has to offer, apparently

I’ve never seen that program called the Leguna Beach. Or the show with the girl with the fake rack who dates the albino dude (who unfortunately looks a little like me sometimes) with the scraggly beard made out of corn silk. However, when they do appear in the society pages, I’ve noticed that at least they look relatively well-dressed. Not fashion-forward or anything, but they don’t shop at the Dress Barn and the male-equivalent of the Dress Barn. (Syms?)

The same cannot be said for the two ridiculously dressed girls I just saw get out of an SUV at 21st and M. If beclowned is a word, then it’s the one that best applies here. Their wardrobes would not have caused a second glance, however, until I noticed the third woman trailing behind with wireless microphones and a walkie-talkie.

It appears that Lifetime has started shooting their LNS-themed, unintentional parody of faux celebrity realism here in the most northwestern parts of north-west DC. My first instinct says it’ll never even make on the air. But if I’m wrong and in 8 months the network decides to air it, they will soon regret any amount of money they have clearly wasted. Lifetime would be better off leaving the restaurant right now and filming any garbage blowing down M Street. It already looks to be of better quality.


the g said...

While i do enjoy the term "beclowned," I do not enjoy your misspelling of "Laguna Beach." Esp. since you specifically asked me how to spell it.

I'm assuming you are doing this on purpose.

the Nabob said...

Hell, I thought it was Legume Beach.

Anonymous said...

"the most northwestern parts of north-west DC"

I don't know, Friendship Heights, Cleveland Park, even Glover Park, etc., all seem more "northwestern" than the new spot of adams morgan douchebaggery, which is 21st and M. Isn't that where Felix...errr..."Hudson" is? And the new condos where the gas station

Is "Me thinks you doth also douchebag too much" a phrase?

Anonymous said...


aj said...

21st and M is really sort of south-central NW DC, you know.

the Nabob said...


The "here" was a reference to the geographic location where I say down wrote the post, not where I witnessed the event. The young ladies had obviously been bussed in from a different neighborhood and not wobbled out of National Geographic or the Well Dressed Burrito or whatever other buildings are in that area.