Monday, August 25, 2008

yes, but you didn't KNOW the people violently killed

A 10 minute car ride with my father-in-law:

The N: So, heard whats going on in the news today? (referring, I assume, to the convention)
FIL: Japanese scientists can clone stem cells from wisdom teeth!

* * *

The N: We only know one family that lives on that street, trust me. The Jones & the Does were not next door neighbors
FIL: Yes they were! I swear they were neighbors
The N: No. The Jones lived on XXX Street, and the Does lived on YYY street. Trust me. The only people we know who EVER lived on XXX street ever were the Jones.
FIL: Well, other people lived on that street too.
The N: Like who?
FIL: There was a murder on that street once.

There were more, but these were my favorites.

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the Nabob said...

Not just one murder. 3 murders!