Monday, August 18, 2008

not about james carville, still about sports

Olympics/Nike marketing geniuses: If I hear the Killers one more time, I'm gonna put my foot through a wall.

Also, everyone is getting hurt on the hurdles this morning. They are NOT soldiers. Soldiers dont keep fucking up their hamstrings in this way, I don't think.

In other crap no one cares about, I am learning about fantasy football!(?)! It is comedy gold, but so far I have it down. I'm being tutored every evening for 10-15 minutes so I don't completely humiliate my spouse on draft day by using my first round pick to go for "a hottie who throws the ball.... that's called a quarterback, right?"

The biggest issue I see with this experiment is the potential for me to get really, really, really, into this lame sport I know nothing about.


the Nabob said...

Fantasy football is not a sport.

And at least you haven't started a blog about it called Fantasy Football Barista or PR Flack or whatever your job is that I can't remember right now.

the g said...

i didn't say fantasy was a sport, jerkface. it was more along the lines of what if i become interested in football in general? because then armageddon is probably nigh.