Monday, August 04, 2008

please someone tell me they had the same love of Units as I did in 1988. Please. Someone.

i need help, internet weirdos. The first person who can please find me a photo of anything to do with the 1980's "modular clothing" phenomenon store UNITS will be my new best friend.

I cannot find jack shit out there as far as photos, just a few measly mentions of the store on "remember the 80s"- type websites and a brief bio on designer Sandra Garratt. NOT GOOD ENOUGH.

UPDATE: Nevermind.

(it's a belt! it's a tube top! it's a micro mini! it's a headdress! it can be used to smuggle snacks into the $.50 movie theatre! it's been corrupted by the skeletal chicks with fake boobs on "Survivor" and re-named a "buff!" I myself paired this modern fashion miracle with coordinating slouch socks, skorts, and vests. yes, all at the same time.)


Becks said...

OH MY GOD. I'd totally forgotten about Units! I had them when I was a teen!

From Units to American Apparel: a thesis topic for some aspiring fashion student, I'm sure.

Caroline (wife of DCeiver) said...

are you kidding?!?! so jason is reading his blog feed and asks me what UNITS is and i'm all, units!? they totally rocked! i totally had this awesome red bolero jacket thing from there.

i can still see the corner store in tysons corner mall...all white shelves and interchangeable clothing... *sigh*

The Deceiver said...

Skorts? Really?

the g said...

listen, it was a trying time. skorts may have been around. i'm not proud of it.