Monday, July 14, 2008

secret ingredient: pork

Hi womanfriends, if anyone ever wants to come to the OBX with me for a random long weekend, be forewarned that apparently my idea of beach "good times" includes marathon sessions of "Intervention" on A&E and talks about how migraine headaches are caused! Also, Hellboy.

The sunburn extends in long stripes and splotches, including my armpits, but nothing too serious since I am a gramma who likes to languish in the shade of an umbrella most of the time.

My parents/aunts/uncle overlapped our Ladies Weekend 08 in the beachhaus by a day or so. We played a lot of dominoes, watched "Steel Magnolias", and I brought home an entire pork roast (?) my mother left behind for the three of us, afraid we aren't getting enough iron in our diets. And we ate barbeque. It was delicious.

Also, my aunts were on a teasing tear towards my poor momma, taunting her that she's apparently a prude for not taking tequila shots with them before going to the beach in the mornings. Ladies, ladies. It was 10:30 AM.

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