Wednesday, July 02, 2008

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Sorry for not giving more blog.

An update: we've been painting our house (obnoxious alien puke green!); a guy who looks like the entire world's little brother was caught jacking it at a Mickey D's drive-thru near our neighborhood, ewww; my crazy relatives descend on the East Coast for an ENTIRE WEEK starting Independence Day, so go stock up on tinfoil hats and register for handguns today, everyone; the dog is wearing a red bandana these days as part of his summer style and it looks kind of awesome, like he might hold up a bank at any moment; the new Beck is pretty okay; I went to yoga last night and got in touch with some chakras (particularly my third eye) or whatevs, also I am the least flexible person to ever participate in any kind of yoga class ever; I've been mostly living off of ice cream sandwiches; and Moonstruck is free to watch on Hulu dot com.

also, question: i have a credit for $125 for an airline who shall not be named (NORTHWESTNORTHWESTNORTHWEST). It says "non-transferrable" on my email. I assume this means I can't use it to buy a ticket for my bro to use since he's a giant fucking crybaby, or use it to send anyone into outer space or anything?

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