Friday, January 11, 2008

The most hyphenated post ever

Since we are nearing the Super Bowl, its time to dust an old favorite.

I don’t know what these kids are up to but I earnestly approve of anyone willing to put together a shot for shot recreation of one of those old Holiday Inn commercials.

I’ve also since found that most, if not all, of the originals are up on the Utubes. Included is my favorite, which I didn’t realize features the before-he-was-“famous” black guy from 40-Year-Old Virgin as Guy-You-Call-When-The-Room-Next-Door-Hires-A-Too-Loud-Stripper.

I like these commercials so much because the main character, Mark, reminds me of my friends older brother, also named Mark. If you’d like to verify, he still hangs out at the Cowboy Café in Arlington on Tuesday nights, when the burgers and the shirts of Marymount co-eds are half off.

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