Thursday, January 03, 2008

blerg! blergball!

As far as I can tell, I only accomplished a few really noteworthy things in 2007:

- One, introducing the N's cousin to "Trapped in the Closet,"

- Two, question #48 on the "Rolling Stone Almost Impossible Rock and Roll Quiz" - TOTALLY 1000% CORRECT. (The question for those curious is "Which of the following are pothumous Tupac Shakur albums and which are Steven Seagal movies?" I owned the SHIT out of that question),

- Three, coining the term "when in doubt, bet on soup," and

- Four, getting a prison pen pal.

I'll be looking for that Person of the Year award plaque in my mailbox any day now, Time Mag.

In other news, I think Becks once put it: "3OMG." We spent the last few days down at the beach, making Miis and drinking a keg and bad chardonnay and falling asleep on the couch at 12:15 on New Years (me) and wearing sweatpants and eating lasagna and 1000 pounds of cookies and oh my god the eating and reading a book about mountain survivalists and inventing a new drinking game called "blergball." I'm really bad at the wii tennis, yo. And we didn't have power for the first day! It was cold! We were like beach pioneers!

I'm looking forward to this whole new year/new me thing, I think. 29 was pretty okay I guess, especially when compared to, say, 21 (oh fucking god what a nightmare) and 27 (balls. BALLLLLLLLLLLLLZ.) But I'm thinking odd numbers are not so much my thing.

May we all live forever, each and every one. I cannot wait until you see me so drunk I start fights this weekend.

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