Tuesday, November 13, 2007

internet veteran

I was the only person in the world who had yesterday off. I spent it watching this*, drinking coffee, standing quizzically in Home Depot while debating my dad on cell about the merits of caulking guns, taking Brown Dog to the park, doing some half-assed Christmas shopping, watching the "Dirty Jobs" episode where Mike Rowe goes to a goat farm (so great), and digging 25 years worth of shitty amateur acrylic patches and mildew out of the upstairs shower. Then my spouse came home and handed me a razor blade and told me I was a moron.

This is why I don't blog anymore, universe. If it makes you feel better about my rock and roll lifestyle, I did it all while drinking a High Life.

* pretty lovely, no?


DC said...

Believe me, that was a better, more interesting day than I had!

Was it the episode of Dirty Jobs that inspired you to attack your shower?

Amanda DC Metrocentric

the g said...

dirty jobs only inspires me to want to bat my eyelashes at mike rowe.