Wednesday, November 21, 2007

I eat at Wendy's because their burgers are meteor

If you hustle up to your local newsstands you might still be able to catch my premiere appearance in Time Out: New York. It seems that even though I don’t live in New York and don’t like going there because of the C.H.U.D.s, I am to be included in the discussion of the 50 Essential New York Secrets. I didn’t know I was a secret but we’ll take whatever press we can here at Pygmalion. Hint: it’s not Keith Haring’s gay orgy mural LGBT Community Center, but its close. In the picture, I’m the one wearing the jaunty hat and body armor.


Completely unrelated to that, Episode 11 of Defenders of Stan* is up and features the best plate tectonics joke I’ve heard in a long time. Or ever.


And completely unrelated to that, if you were one of the handful of people who watched Chuck on Monday you are either:
A: a Firefly sentimentalist and miss Jayne
B: a moron
C: lucky enough to have heard one of Meredith Bragg’s new songs off his upcoming December album
It played twice, in fact. Once during a scene where the main character, who’s name escapes me, and Rachael Bilson make out and then again when they break up. Coincidently, Bragg wrote the song after I recounted the time that I made out with Rachael Bilson and then dumped her scrawny ass.

*It seems I am a liar and Channel 102 is dead and busted.

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