Tuesday, November 11, 2008

This post is "not safe for lunch"

Do you ever stop and consider how much you have in common with Henry Paulson? For instance, the Treasury Secretary and I are both Eagle Scouts. We attended Ivy League colleges as undergrads, were both members of Phi Beta Kappa and got our Master’s degree at Harvard business school. I’m also rich, completely bald and became the CEO of an international bank holding company in my 40s. And I put my signature on every dollar bill in my wallet.

But we are also very different. He’s a Christian Scientist. I’m Presbyterian. When he dislocates a finger he doesn’t go to the hospital to have it put back.

I do.

Amazingly, I should be back playing in a week.


Tom said...

This looks like the panel from every comic where the scientist/future villain accidentally turns himself into rubber and desperately tries to grasp onto things/lab assistants as he helplessly flows toward the drain, presumably never to be heard from again (or will he!?).


wordwitch said...


Hope it doesn't feel as bad as it looks!

Tom said...

My coworker has just pointed out to me that my earlier failure to make a "live long and prosper" joke was a serious oversight.