Friday, May 01, 2009

this is what we talk about when we talk about love

The N: The word "orgy" is overused as a descriptive. I don't think you should be allowed to use that word unless you actually PARTICIPATED in an orgy. Or in, you know, an orgy of blood.

The G: What?

The N: You know. Like either been in an orgy-orgy, or been involved in some kind of serious mass-murdering in a small confined space. Like an elevator. A violence orgy! You can only use the word "orgy" if you have ever participated in one of those two situations. Those are the only times the term "orgy" would be okay.

The G: You know, your life rules get weirder as you get older. Also, you're picturing elevator doors opening and blood streaming out right now, aren't you?

The N: Yes.

This conversation later devolved into what it would be like to have Tony Shaloub star in a remake of "The Shining", but by that point I was laughing too hard to really remember how that came up.

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the Nabob said...

The Nabob is right on this one.

The term orgy is oft overused by people who have little sense about how brutal an orgy can be. Both sexually and violently.

And I assume that the Shaloub/Shining remake came about like this...

1. There was an elevator of blood in The Shining.
2. Rebecca de Mornay and that guy from Wings starred in the made-for-TV remake of the Shining.
3. Not that guy from Wings.
4. The other guy.
5. They should remake the Shining but have Monk be the one that goes crazy.

The end