Monday, February 02, 2009

he was the perfect weapon, until he became the target

me: okay. so you have seen all the Bourne movies, right?

Amanda: of course

me: but i cant tell any of them apart ever really

Amanda: yeah

me: they are all good but all seem the same, so

Amanda: just pre- and post- the lady dying

me: im taking a poll. The N had never noticed this apparently.
there's one way to immediately tell its a Bourne movie without even seeing the characters or anything. do you know what that thing is? say yr flipping through TV channels...

Amanda: well they use that crazy type of photography, and the colors are very distinct

me: I can immediately say: THATS A BOURNE MOVIE...okay, sure that's true. but no

Amanda: although, now being employed in every action movie

me: right

Amanda: what is it?

me: miniblinds. or venetian blinds.
there are more window blinds per sq inch
in those movies
than in any other movie
i am currently collecting screenshots to prove this to the N
people peeking out of them
people peeking into them
people being thrown into them. etc

Amanda: you know... there really are

me: yes whoever directed those movies loves window treatments

Amanda: haaaahahahhahahahha


noernoel said...
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Rebecca Ryan said...

Thank you for pointing out the blinds! I identify the different Bourne movies by how nauseous they make me.

For future movies, if you have any information on whom I can contact about putting the darn camera on a tripod and not on shakes-the-clown, I would really appreciate it.