Monday, January 05, 2009

guess who's back to work? That's right! You lose, Internet!


this brings me to another story about my mother

Amanda: hit me.

me: mom, staring rapt at the TV watching vince:
"Do you ever really really really think you need to buy one of these? Cause I do. Olympic swimmers use it."


me: "mom, no I don't. You want to know why? Because this guy claims I use 20 dollars in paper toweles a month. WHO USES $20 WORTH OF PAPER TOWELS A MONTH? That's insane."

Amanda: i've never thought about my paper towel consumption rate
i do use a lot of paper towels though
how much does one of those big target size packages cost?
cause those last about a month, maybe a month and a half
in our three-person household
probably not $20

me: hmm, okay. our giant assload from costco lasts a long time
but i bet its not 20 bucks

Amanda: yeah
twenty dollars on PT a month is ludicrous
screw you, shamwow guy

me: i hate him and his stupid headset.
why does he need a headset on TV?
its so fucking aggravating

Amanda: for the record: i do not want to do it with vince the shamwow guy

me: ugh
that accent
worst experience ever?

Amanda: yeah. he is neither dancing and singing like janet jackson to a sold out japanese stadium, nor is he on blogging heads. there are overhead mics, i'm sure of it.

me: i bet he cleans himself afterwards with a shamwow
i said it

Amanda: HAHA

me: you were thinking it but i said it

Amanda: hahahahaha

me: eww

Amanda: yup.


The Duchess said...

Did you know that he has a new product? The SLAP CHOP!

the Nabob said...

you're going to be in a great mood all day because you're going to slap your troubles away with Slap Chop.

the g said...

it opens like a butterfly to clean and an actualy butterfly escapes. also, just 39 cents for Graty (cheese grater.)

the g said...

also his voice is like a combination of the Waluigi character on Mario Kart and any one of the douchebag dudes from MTV's "True Life: I have a house on the Jersey Shore."