Friday, August 05, 2005

My Inner Child on the Outside

At a bar on Wednesday night, I had a spontaneous palm-reading session. A strange little Italian man in red track pants took a shine to me and, well, to my palm apparently. He sayeth (with a funny Italian accent): "You are like child. Yes. Very like little child. You . . . you must be in the center and you talk to many people. Yes. Child. And you will live a very long life." Right. Like child. Funny, but The G. and The D. thought he was spot-on. Jerks.

So, in honor of you little Italian man, I am letting my inner child out this weekend. CAUSE I WANNA!

How I love thee, 'Bastian.


The Governess said...

is he a DJ? does he call you honeybee?

the Nabob said...

Good lord, back with a vengence.

Lady Jane Grey said...


I forgot that you knew about that!! Never, ever, mention that again.

However, I will totally marry a man named Sebastian. The palm-reader said so.

The Duchess said...

Roshumba's gonna be your maid-of-honor, right?

Lady Jane Grey said...

HA! Yes, yes she is.

Never fear, I'll have plenty of time to imaginatize something new on the way down to the beach next weekend.